Austin Commercial Flat Roofing, establised in 1924 has the expertise to install each of the primary roofing systems. Our company is a full service roof contractor. We also do roof repairs and preventative maintenance install new energy efficient roofs.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Full Service Roof Contractor
  • Roof Repairs And Preventative Maintenance
  • Install New Energy Efficient Roofs

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  City Austin, TX
  Zip Code 78701
  Address 1615 Lacaca Street
  Phone Number (888) 886-7171

Products & Services

Flat Roofing

Flat Roofing

There are over 20 different types of flat roofing materials and hundreds of brands to choose from but which flat roof is right for you? It is a difficult question, but will try to help you choose the best combination of the most economical, longest lasting flat roof, with as little maintenance as possible.

First lets look at three main categories or types of flat roofing:
Built Up flat roofs or BUR
Single-ply flat roofing
Spray-on / Urethane foam roofs

Preventative maintanance

Preventative maintanance

Roofs undergo many movements that affect performance such as building settlement, thermal expansion and contraction, and weathering (sun, wind, rain, snow) . Because of these movements, details such as wall flashing and soil stack leads develop gaps that allow water to migrate into the roofing system. Often, this migration goes undetected because it is absorbed into the decking or insulation and does not drip into the interior of the building. This absorption then causes damage to the roofing components that make a simple overlayment an impossibility. Maintenance includes:

Making minor field and flashing repairs.
Removing debris from the roof drains and gutters
Caulking roof-related sheet metal and skylights
Resealing drain needs
Refastening loose panels on rooftop HVAC units
Scheduled preventative maintenance prevents leaks from occurring and saves costs on emergency repairs, loss of inventory, damaged light fixtures/electrical systems and downtime for your managers as well as maintaining a positive image for your customers.