We specialize in residential and commercial roofing. We provide new roofs, maintain, or fix faulty roofs. Your home is more than just a roof over your head. It is probably the single biggest investment that you will make in your lifetime. Your roof is the most important part of your home. It protects you from all the weather elements such as rain and sunshine. We have kept that in mind; that is why we provide the best roofing services that you could ever imagine.

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Roofing Repairs

Roofing Repairs

If your roof is old, worn or damaged, it will most definitely be in need of our repair services. Regardless of your budget, we will be able to offer you a solution. Need your roof coated? We can do that for you. Need only a small section of it repaired, or a larger segment? We can do that for you too. We will be able to assess the work needed for you and offer you cost effective solutions to suit your needs.



Some buildings will have roofing that is as old as the hills, it may be an old, state home with insulation and energy retention issues for example. No matter what it is, we have professional staff who can keep you abreast of any roof replacement decisions right for you, allowing you to factor in the type of property and the budget available for the work.

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My experience with Beneficial Roofing of Memphis was fantastic. They exceeded my expectations for a local roofing company. I would highly recommend them and would use them again.

Recently noticed a leak in our ceiling upstairs so I thought the roof just needed to be repaired and Beneficial Roofing came out and saw that I had storm damage and they told me that my insurance would cover it. I had my doubts but sure enough they dealt with everything and the insurance company did cover the cost of an entire roof replacement! These are days that I love insurance. Thank you Beneficial roofing for my new roof!

They came when they said they would, they did what they said they would do for the price we agreed upon. That is a win in my book.

I had some storm damage to my roof that I need repaired and Beneficial Roofing did an excellent job and didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

I needed my roof repaired after a recent storm and I was deciding between two companies for the job. I choose Beneficial Roofing for their fast, friendly service and I am glad we did! I highly recommend them for roofing repair. If we ever need a replacement, I know who I will call.

This company has done a lot of work in my neighborhood and everyone I've spoken with about them seem to be very pleased including myself! I would recommend..


Beneficial Roofing Commercial

Here at Beneficial Roofing, we do what's right, not what's easy.. because we take pride in our work. That's why our work may only take us a day but it will last you a lifetime. Over the years and hundreds of thousands of roofs later.. we have produced the same results time and time again and that is the definition of reliability and experience.
Every job is a self-portrait of the person that does it, so only trust a true craftsman on your biggest investment Your home.
For Roofing, Residential or Commercial we think you deserve the best so contact us today -you wont regret it, we guarantee it.

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Do you have a roof that needs some attention? Or simply building a new premises and need the roofing handled by professionals? Look no further, as we can offer you comprehensive and inclusive services to cover any of your roofing needs. The following are just some of the 5 beneficial roofing services you may get from us. Before any work can be done on your roofing, a full inspection of the roof must be carried out so that we can make an accurate assessment of the work required and the costs incurred, so that working within a budget can be managed much more easily.

One of the least exciting things that can happen to a homeowner is roof rot. It might not sound like much of an issue, because "out of sight, out of mind" right? When this problem becomes evident by water spots on your ceiling or even plaster falling off, you know its past time to check in the attic for the cause. Here at Beneficial Roofing, we are experts at not only dealing with this problem, but also preventing it. You may be asking yourself, "What exactly is roof rot?" Roof rot, or dry rot as it is commonly known, is what happens when there is too much moisture in your attic.