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GAF Preferred Contractor

Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator

Certified Contractor: Roofing Contractors Association of Texas

Angies List "Super Service Award" , four times including 2010

NTRCA Golden Hammer Award Winner "Outstanding Residential Project" 2010 (4 x total)

NTRCA "Industry Leadership Award" John & Dee Bert

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • RCAT Certified Contractor
  • Member: North Texas Roofing Contractors Association of Texas

Serviced Areas

  • Dallas, Collin, Rockwall, and East Tarrant Counties

Contact Details

  City Dallas, TX
  Zip Code 75228
  Address 10021 Cayuga Drive
  Phone Number (214) 321-9341

Products & Services

Roof Repair

Many contractors will turn up their noses at smaller roofing repair jobs, not us. We have done thousands of repairs in every size and shape possible and have the experience necessary to solve your problems. We repair both residential and commercial properties and will never try and sell you a whole new roof unless it is truly necessary.


Your roof has a lifespan. There will come a time when repairs simply will not suffice, and when this happens, you may require a roof replacement. When it comes to roof replacement services in Dallas, TX, no one can compare to the level of quality or commitment of Bert Roofing. We go above and beyond for our residential and commercial clients!

Customer Testimonials

Mr. Bert and his company Bert Roofing, Inc. provided very timely, professional work on my home last year. It was a relief to speak with an expert about the issues my roof was having back at that time. It has been put to the test with all this rain now in 2018.
It is great knowing I spent money wisely this time having Mr. Bert do my roof. Other companies, took my money and leaks continued over the past 20 years. Now I can enjoy when it rains and not fret about leaks

Bert Roofing did a fantastic job on our roof and gutters. The entire staff was easy to work with, and we had an easy time with billing. Their team was courteous to our neighbors, and cleaned up thoroughly. True to their word, they picked up 99% of leftover screws, materials/debris! It was a great customer experience, and if we ever have roofing needs again, we will be using them.

Bert Roofing has replaced roofs on two houses that we have lived in. Both times, they did an excellent job, the roofs looked good, and they held up extremely well. Top quality business and completely honest, based upon my experience with them.

Very professional. Did things right the first time and explain what they are doing. Years after they replaced my roof, I had an issue due to a tree next to the house. They were able to look us up and know exactly what was on our roof and sent someone out to fix it ASAP.

Bert Roofing was awesome to work with, we had some tree damage and we wound up buying a whole new roof from Bert Roofing. Bill Young came out and looked at the damage, walked the whole roof and it quickly became clear that there was enough damage to warrant an insurance claim. Bill came back out twice to meet with two different adjusters. We wound up applying our insurance claim plus cash out of pocket to replace the whole roof. The crew was great, they worked fast, did half of the roof one evening and came back and finished it the next morning (Saturday July 4th). They cleaned up everything, and came back the next Monday to walk the roof with me. Bill Young made sure everything was taken care of and reminded me to let my insurance company know that we bought a new roof, and I just found out that the new roof is going to reduce our premiums by about 20%. It was a great experience from beginning to end. I would recommend Bert Roofing to anyone, and will definitely give them a call the next time I need some roofing work.

Professional who explains the problems and solutions that one can understand and not feel taken advantage of. Bid was as good as others and better than 2. Finished the work on time and no surprises.

From Our Website

If repairs will not suffice, then consider calling out the experts for a full roof replacement. At Bert Roofing, we are committed to providing homeowners with a return on their investment - their roof - by professionally replacing old, worn-out roofing materials with ease! Professional roof installation can save you money in the long-term by reducing the need for repairs, replacements, and constant maintenance. If you're investing in a new roof for your home, consider Bert Roofing to manage and implement the installation.

A brand-new roof is in important investment for your property. Because a roof system is designed to protect you and yours from outside elements - critters, weather, and intruders - your new roof must be properly designed and professionally installed. That's where we come in. Bert Roofing is the top roofing installation company in Dallas, TX, and we intend to keep that distinction for years to come through hard work and exceptional service! As the leading provider of residential roofing installation in Dallas, TX, Bert Roofing understands how best to handle each job.

We are a full service residential and light commercial contractor installing numerous types of roofing products. We do replacement and repairs for most products. With over 32,000 completed jobs, we have likely completed a project just like your project many times before. Both estimates and evaluations are free. We are a full service storm & restoration general contractor so you can easily one stop shop for your entire storm damage needs. Bert Roofing uses quality roofing materials for all our jobs.

Your building's roof is a system. Just like the plumbing or electrical systems within your home, it requires regular maintenance to boost efficiency, lifespan, and security. Unfortunately, due it the roof being outdoors, many homeowners completely ignore these requirements. Maintenance falls by the wayside. Bert Roofing is here to change that. We know how crucial roofing maintenance can be in Dallas, TX, and we're here to help! By scheduling occasional maintenance for your roof, you are taking a proactive step to reduce costly repairs and replacements.

When you think of the roof over your head, you likely only consider the material on the outside. How well does it withstand the weather? Are there shingles missing? These are typical concerns for the average homeowner. But what about insulation? Insulation is a leading factor in your home's comfort and health. Bert Roofing would like to help your home be the best it can be, and our energy efficient insulation services in Dallas, TX, are renowned for the quality and longevity they add to your home.

When anyone looks at a residential home, the first thing they usually notice is the siding. It's not the front door, or the windows facing the road-the siding takes the front and center position. As such, you want quality siding. If you have cracks or missing pieces, it's time to schedule expert siding installation, repair, and replacement in Dallas, TX. Bert Roofing can help! Siding provides a home with numerous benefits. You wouldn't think something as simple as siding could help, but it truly does.

You've likely had a creative vision for your home ever since you bought it. Did your ideal home include a skylight? If yes, then you're in luck. If not, then let us explain why you may want to reconsider. You see, a residential skylight provides natural light to your home, not to mention the increased property values. Bert Roofing offers expert skylight installation, repair, and replacement in Dallas, TX! Working with Bert Roof ensures exceptional quality. We test our high-quality products before professional installation.

This may be the number one reason you are on this website. You are trying to select which roofing company to choose. All companies have some brag points and always seem to stress those points. So how do you know what is important? We recommend that you take your time and do some research. It is a big mistake to think of roofing as a commodity where all products and companies are the same. Per GAF, the largest shingle manufacturer, 94% of all roofing contractors will be out of business within five years.