At Bradach Roofing, we've been building and maintaining roofs for twenty years. We are a family run firm who uses only local roofers. There are no salesmen to talk to and no extra fees to worry about. We are bonded, licensed and insured and all of our workmanship is guaranteed.

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  City Lakeville, MN
  Zip Code 55044
  Phone Number (952) 892-6015

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Your home's primary function is to protect your family and valuables from the elements. Here in Lakeville, MN, sometimes that's a tall order. If your roof or siding leaks, or your windows let drafts in, you're not only compromising your safety, you're literally losing money. Stop the budgetary blood-letting, with a little help from Bradach Roofing Siding & Window Inc. We offer a full service of roofing services for residential and commercial clients. At Bradach Roofing Siding & Window Inc, we have we have been building and maintaining roofs in Lakeville, MN for 20 years.

With quality materials and proper installation, a roof can last anywhere from 25-50 years. If your roof's number is coming up, or it's a few years past due, Bradach Roofing Siding & Window Inc can make it look, function and feel like new again. Whether you need to install a new roof on your existing home or are re-roofing to include a room addition, we are the area's most trusted residential re-roofing and roof installation team. Call today in Lakeville, MN. Bradach Roofing Siding & Window Inc has the expertise and experience to work with all types of roofing materials.

As a responsible property owner, you need siding to complete not only the aesthetics of your building, but to give it that final layer of protection against the elements. Bradach Roofing Siding & Window Inc offers premium siding installation of vinyl siding, wood siding, and steel siding. After our siding company has completed the installation on your home, you'll look on proudly as you notice the neatness, beauty, and authenticity of the finished product. Call our office in Lakeville, MN, for a free estimate or to make an appointment.

Having the roof of your home lose a shingle or develop a leak is one thing, but when the roof of your business falls into disrepair, your very livelihood is on the line. No matter your business or building size, Bradach Roofing Siding & Window Inc are your solutions experts in commercial roofing. Give us a call today in Lakeville, MN for a free estimate on your commercial roofing needs. At Bradach Roofing Siding & Window Inc, our licensed, professional team of commercial roofing experts has years of experience on all kinds of roofing projects, and are highly trained in the newest commercial roofing innovations.

No one likes feeling boxed in, even in their own home. Windows provide a means of bringing the outside world in, while keeping you and your family safe from the dangers it may contain. Whether you need new window installation or repair of your existing ones, Bradach Roofing Siding & Window Inc are the window installers you can trust in Lakeville, MN. Whatever your home needs to keep the elements out while allowing natural light and beauty in, Bradach Roofing Siding & Window Inc can install it for you.