CRS has been in business since 1982. Locally owned, the company employes 40 fully qualified roofers and support team. CRS has a reputation for its dedication to client satisfaction, care to detail, and quality worksmanship. CRS prides itself on reliable, courteous and friendly service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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  City Bladensburg, MD
  Zip Code 20710
  Address 4700 Upshur Street
  Phone Number (301) 454-0830

From Our Website

Lifelong residents of the Washington, D.C. area, Thomas C.Spires, Jr. and W. Douglas Fields formed a partnership that began in 1978. In the beginning, Tom was involved with sales, promotion and office work, while Doug provided hands-on supervision of all job site related work. This combination proved successful and in 1982, Certified Roofing Systems and Contracting Corp. was incorporated as a full service roofing contractor in the State of Maryland. While the principal workin our early history evolved from small repairs, today CRS installs and repairs all currently marketed roofing membranes.

Too often the roof is the last thing we think about until an unexpected leak begins to cause costly damage. Then it can be an overwhelming project requiring immediate action. Instead, prevent these problems before they begin with CRS' economical, thorough, and cost-effective Preventive Maintenance Inspection Program. Our dedicated roofing professionals will save you money-and deliver peace of mind. Building owners and managers know that building maintenance is very important, however, roof maintenance is often overlooked.

CRS Roofing Services means prompt service. If you have an emergency, you can count on us. As one of our clients, every square foot of your roof is on file in our computerized tracking system. When you call, we know who you are, what your roof looks like, and what its history has been. We know what to expect when we arrive to provide emergency repairs.

CRS customers don't fall prey to problems when armed with manufacturers' warranties and guarantees. All warranties require owners to perform certain maintenance procedures and inspections at predetermined times. Otherwise owners may not be afforded coverage under their warranties. Under our Preventative Maintenance Inspection Program, CRS maintains pertinent information required by the manufacturer. CRS' scheduled comprehensive roof inspection program results in a detailed report that includes descriptions, early warning signs, drawings, and photographs, as well as a recommended course of action and estimated cost.