Chess Roofing and Siding has been in business since 1974. We are licensed, insured and certified to install domestic and commercial roofing and siding in Southeastern Michigan Detroit and surrounding communities. Chess Roofing and Siding has pledged to observe the highest level of integrity and professional responsibility in dealing with our customers.

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  City Ferndale, MI
  Zip Code 48220
  Address 1119 Earl Boulv
  Phone Number (248) 398-1050

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Always being aware of the customer's needs and skepticism we approach each home owner with assurance that we care as much about their home and landscape as they do. Our goal is to walk away from every job with pride knowing we pleased our home owner and put their skepticism to rest. Achieving this goal Chess Roofing and Siding has consistently remained a primarily repeat and referred business. We show every homeowner confidence and respect. Chess Roofing & Siding began in 1974 originally as Chess Home Improvements.

Chess Roofing and Siding does not shy away from small jobs. If a branch damages your roof or siding; or a critter is getting into your attic space we will do these repairs. Maybe you have a new driver in the family who can't quite get into the garage without damaging the trim around the door we can fix the problem. If you notice a little bit of rot on any of your trim or a small area on your roof that just doesn't look right we can fix that for you. If you have an annoying leak that you just can't put up with any more we can fix that for you.

The decision of getting your roof or siding done can be an overwhelming process. The first being the expense and the second how do you choose the right company to do the work. Choosing the right roofing company can be daunting because of all the horror stories circulating about bad work or price gouging and lack of accountability. The best way to choose any professional to work on your home is a simple phone call to your City Building Department. Inquire who pulls the most permits in your community and who passes the inspections.

The reason for gutters and downspouts is to direct water and ice away from entryways and foundation. To assure the proper flow we pitch the gutters away from these areas as much as possible. Some houses are definitely a challenge due to landscape or design and architecture. If water is still collecting near the foundation, downspout extensions (above or below ground) may be added to draw the water away from the house. The grade of the landscape should always be away from the foundation.

Our company cares about what you think. After each job is completed and the bill has been paid in full we send you a thank you card with 2 business cards for referral and an addressed and stamped comment card to be returned to us.

Chess Roofing & Siding has an agreement with Synchrony Bank to offer a variety of finance options to our customers. How it works is simple. We will need a few minutes of additional time to acquire personal information regarding the application and to verify client qualification for a finance program. The program is a separate entity from Chess Roofing & Siding so all business transactions once approved will be handled through Synchrony Bank for payments. Finance charges can be avoided ONLY IF the promotional balance is paid off prior to the end of the promotional period.