Our company, established in 1924 , is a full service roof contractor. We do roof repairs, customized roof management according to your personnel needs and install new energy saving systems. Effective problem solving so we can fulfill your needs with reasonable prices. For professional results, choose a professional contractor, Commercial Industrial Roofing, LLC.

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Products & Services

Roof Management

Roofs undergo many movements that affect performance such as building settlement, thermal expansion and contraction, and weathering (sun, wind, rain, snow) . Because of these movements, details such as wall flashing and soil stack leads develop gaps that allow water to migrate into the roofing system. Often, this migration goes undetected because it is absorbed into the decking or insulation and does not drip into the interior of the building. This absorption then causes damage to the roofing components.

Roof Restoration

Commercial Industrial Roofing, LLC swears by "Surecoat Systems" Home of the Pond-Proof Roof! SureCoat Roof Systems have a manufacturer's written warranty that COVERS PONDING conditions on a flat roof. SureCoat Roof Systems will not leak due to ordinary ponding water. Flat and low slope roofs all pond water to some degree at some point. Ponding water is any water that sits longer than 48-72 hours. Until then, standing water is not by definition considered ponding. The SureCoat Roof Systems warranty for full reconditions is renewable for as long as the property is in use at 30% the cost of TPO. There is not another manufacturer's material warranty like it in the industry.

Flat Roofing

There are over 20 different types of flat roofing materials and hundreds of brands to choose from but which flat roof is right for you? It is a difficult question, but will try to help you choose the best combination of the most economical, longest lasting flat roof, with as little maintenance as possible.

Lifetime guaranteed roof

The last roof you will ever need to install is a metal roof. Our roofs have a No Questions Lifetime warranty and a 40 year transferable warranty if you should ever sell your home. The last roof you will ever need to install is a Aluminum roof. These roofs are made of hefty aluminum shingles, are sturdy, last for at least 60 years, look great and come with a bulletproof Lifetime/40 Year Warranty.

Customer Testimonials

We had Commercial Industrial Roofing install a new roof for us about 15 years ago. We never had any problems with this roof. I would recommend this company too any body.


Commercial Industrial Roofing

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