We are one of the only roofing contractors, that can fix your roof, and can also repair the damage caused by the leak. We hope this, will help you, the customer, to be able to have all of your needs under one roof. We would like to be your GO TO guy for, Roofing , Roofing Repair, Water Damage, Drywall, Drywall Repair, Ceiling Repair, Wood Replacement, Smoke Damage, Preventive Maintenance.

We can provide competitive rates, but we will not, sacrifice price, for quality. Quality is what sets us apart, from other roofing contractors. We also do the small jobs, that other roofing companies won't be bothered with. No matter what your needs are, quality and safety are our primary concerns.

We get alot of clients, that have had a leak, and from that, a significant amount of damage has occured, ie. water spots in the drywall, mold and mildew, falling drywall, wet spots. We fix the damage, after we have repaired the leak. Our company has many years of experience in drywall installation, and custom painting. Most roofers, do just that roof. They often do not have the technical ability to diagnose, or estimate your damage.

Contact Details

  City Gastonia, NC
  Zip Code 28053
  Address Po. Box 424
  Phone Number (704) 913-5999