For many years, Fort Wayne Roofing Contractors has been serving the residents of the greater Fort Wayne area with expert roofing services. We specialize in both residential and commercial roofing, and install a variety of roofing materials such as asphalt, metal and flat roofs.

Our team also specializes in inspecting your roof for hail, wind or other types of storm damage. If damage is found, we gladly work with your insurance company to file a claim and get reimbursed for your new roof or roof repair services.

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Matt Williams


Products & Services

Roof Repair

When you need your roof repaired there are no other professionals in Fort Wayne that will do it with as much skill as we will. We have been in the business for years gathering experience that can not be compared to any other roofing company in the area. We perform our job with militant expertise because we want the job done perfectly and we want you to have a roof you are confident in.

​When you hire us we know you will be pleasantly pleased with the cost of our work. We are not in this business to clean out people’s saving. We do our work at a fair cost. We look forward to working with you and for you.

Commercial Roofing

When your commercial property has a problem with the roof it an be a threat to your business. The high number of people in and out of commercial buildings is seeing and affected by riffing problems if there should be any.

Our professional roofing services at Fort Wayne Roofing Contractors of course include commercial roofing. We have been in this area for many years and have roofed many commercial buildings. Commercial buildings all at some point need to get the roof inspected installed or repaired. Our business has done many of these jobs in the city, and done them expertly.

Customer Testimonials

I could have fixed it I thought, but roof leak repair isn’t my expertise and my wife didn’t want me up on the roof. I am an electrician by trade and a handy man by hobby. I knew the guys over at Fort Wayne Roofing Contractors were the best around so it was an easy decision. They did a really good job, and my little lady was very happy I wasn’t up there.

Renovating sounded exciting at first. It has been super strenuous, but wow what a joy too. We were unsure of how much does a metal roof cost, but they broke everything down for us. They were great at explaining everything and we totally trusted them. The roof is beautiful and we are so pleased.

Our home was passed on by my parents and always seemed so sturdy but after a storm the roof hail damage was shocking. We had no idea how much does a roof cost, or if we needed a roof replacement. We knew we needed an assessment. We searched roofing contractors Fort Wayne. When they came up we recognized the logo and remembered they did a roof tear-off job on a couple houses down. When we contacted them they came over and even did a free roof repair estimate. It was amazing. The price was affordable and they were great. As soon as we knew we were going to hire them everything felt like it was going to get better.

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From Our Website

When it comes roofing, the team at Fort Wayne Roofing Contractors is the best in the area. If you're looking for a team you can trust to complete your job with the highest quality and best customer service, you have come to the right place. We've been roofing Fort Wayne houses for years. When you hire our expert team, you will be nothing but satisfied with the job and the results we deliver. The most common work we do is asphalt single installation, but we also specialize in metal roofing, commercial roofing, and flat roofing.

At Fort Wayne Roofing Contractors, we've been serving as a Fort Wayne roofing company for many years. Over and over again we ask our customers how they heard about us, and more often than not its through word of mouth referral of the quality work and exceptional customer service we provide. Our business started a long time ago when our relatives began a small family roofing business. Those beginning days are the heart of our business. We model everything that we do after the good ol' days where customer service, hard work, and expert skill were revered.

Roofs are the first layer of protection our house has against the elements. We know people often recognize how lucky they are for having "a roof over my head, " and we believe the roof over your head should always be at its highest quality. This couldn't be truer. Every single one of us knows that if you are having roof problems it isn't like a kitchen door that is closing right. A roof leak, or missing shingles can and will cause a lot of worry and stress until they are fixed. When the roof of your home is malfunctioning and water is coming in you need to get it addressed very quickly.

Can I repair my roof or do I need to replace it? There are costs and benefits to both solutions, so we've prepared a list of pros and cons that can make your decision easier. The decision to repair your roof can save significant money, especially if the damage is not extensive. Roof repairs can include projects as small as patching a few shingles, but can extend to total re-shingling. To determine the extent of the damage, it's important to consult with a professional to determine how much work is needed.

Your roof is your shelter. It is the first surface that shields you from the elements. When you are deciding what kind of roof you need you are going to be shown a lot of options. Over the years roofing has evolved and is still always changing. However some of the traditional methods can't be beat. When it comes to asphalt roof replacement you want that traditional knowledge and know how. Our contractors have been using asphalt for roofing for years. It isn't a new material and we are not new to expert installation.

No matter how large or small your house, roof replacement is almost always a significant investment for your house. However, it's something that must be done to prevent further, more expensive damage on your home. For some, you have to consider whether or not it would be worth spending. If you are decided on replacing your roof, here is a list on how to properly replace your roof. At Fort Wayne Roofing Contractors, we always do a thorough measurement of your roof before giving you an estimate. This ensures we don't overlook anything in the bid process.

We are the flat roof specialists in Fort Wayne. If you have a flat roof that needs repairs, or a flat roof installation is next on your list of renovations contact us. Our contractors are experienced and know very well how to work with flat roofs. Installing a flat roof can be a difficult thing to get done right. That means you really want to make sure you pick the correct roof contractors to fix your flat roof. When you have hired the right roofers you will know it. Our flat roof skills are known through out Fort Wayne and beyond.

A roof is the central part of a home structure that provides for you and your family a safe place away from cold weather, hot weather, rain, wind, other people, pests, animals. A roof is that basic thing every living animal desires- it is shelter. Your home without a roof isn't exactly quite as comfortable, or functional as a shelter. When your roof is leaking, has been damaged by hail, has incoming drafts, is in need of new shingles or any other dilemma that a roof can run you into, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible.