Commercial Industrial Roofing ,LLC , established in 1924 is a full service roof contractor. We specialize in emergency , wind damaged roofing. Our company has the most comprehensive disaster response program in the industry, able to handle any disaster, any roof, anywhere. We're experienced in disaster work, with the resources, communication and stability you need in your roofing company.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Expertise in expediting crews and equipment to perform emergency roofing.

Serviced Areas

  • New Jersey , New York , Maryland

Contact Details

  City Newark, NJ
  Zip Code 16044
  Address 186 W. Market Street
  Phone Number (888) 886-7171

Products & Services

Roof Management

Roof Management

The goal for your roof should be to get the longest lifecycle for the least cost. Commercial Industrial Roofing's Roof Management Service Agreement achieves this goal with scheduled maintenance visits to your sites.

Roofs undergo many movements that affect performance such as building settlement, thermal expansion and contraction, and weathering (sun, wind, rain, snow) . Because of these movements, details such as wall flashing and soil stack leads develop gaps that allow water to migrate into the roofing system. Often, this migration goes undetected because it is absorbed into the decking or insulation and does not drip into the interior of the building. This absorption then causes damage to the roofing components.