Noah's Roofing & Construction is GAF certified. This means we can provide our residential roofing customers a customized solution. We offer environmentally friendly products. GAF products provide reliable and watertight protection for our customers at an affordable cost.

Our company installs different types of commercial roofing systems. Our focus is re-roofing, replacement, repairs and roof maintenance.Our specialized commercial roofing services cover general commercial roofing projects, government, industrial, health care, educational, retail, and condominiums.

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  • El Paso, TX, Las Cruces, NM

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Fernie Anaya


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At Noah’s Roofing and Construction, we take every project seriously and we treat every home like our own. We believe in quality work and professionalism because we want your roof to last you as long as possible. We maintain an A rating on the Better Business Bureau and we have replaced countless roofs for our many satisfied clients. We’d be happy to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape! Give us a call today for a free estimate!


If any of these issues are present or you can otherwise see damage to your roof, give us a call and we’ll come take a look free of charge. We want to be sure that your roof is in the best condition it can possibly be in order to provide protection and safety to your family and your business. Noah’s Roofing and Construction specializes in all kinds of roof repair and we are certified as well as rated A with the Better Business Bureau. We will be safe, on time, and on budget.

Customer Testimonials

It's amazing not only how beautiful our new roof is, but how much more comfortable are home feels since it was installed. It feels like springtime in here now all the time, just Beautiful! In fact our whole family has been very pleased with the work they do. My mom was the one that told me about Noah's Roofing when I saw the beautiful job they did on her house and how well it stood up to all the wind and bad weather we've had over the last year in El Paso. And for us we have been very happy with them as well and highly recommend the work they do!

I can't begin to say enough good things about these guys. They were very thorough and did everything correctly and to high standards. I am a contractor myself so I know what to look for. Well, first of all, when I drove up, I noticed that all I saw was a new roof...No mess, they were very clean and neat. My house looked like a new home. If I didn't know they'd been there I wouldn't have even known any work had been done. I also got up on the roof and inspected. Perfect job! All stacks painted, nothing overlooked. Again, these guys are awesome, punctual, and do good quality work. No details left out. Great roofer!

I am very happy with our roof. And Noahs took care of all the paperwork etc. They did a beautiful job and i told a neighbor who asked about them. And now his roof looks great too!

After the hailstorm they made the process easy took care of everything it was great having Noah's replace our roof and I recommend them to anybody.


El Paso Roofing - 79912 - TX - (915) 247-0649

We are El Paso roofing contractors that specialize in roof repair, roof replacement, home remodeling, and home additions. Noah's Roofing & Construction promises to always deliver the highest quality service; from the initial estimate to the final inspection. We will accurately assess your situation, and recommend the best course of action. We will make these repairs as quickly as possible, while treating you and your property with the utmost respect.

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As El Paso's premier roofers, Noah's Roofing & Construction provides a wide range of services from roofing to painting. We specialize in roof repair from hail and wind damage, roof replacement, as well as residential and commercial roofing. We have an A+ rating with the BBB because we take our clients seriously. We want to bring your vision to life and ensure that your roof's beauty, stability, and security last for years to come. We are licensed and fully bonded general contractors. Many of our services focus on home improvement projects, however, we are available for commercial services as well.

Water is essential for life- and it is also one of the most damaging elements that can affect your home. The damage that can come from one small leak is mind boggling when you consider how many of us put off small leaks as something we can fix later. Every building or home is made up of several key components- roof, walls, beams, wiring, etc. Just one little leak can mean a host of problems for any one of these areas. That's why when it comes to interior water damage, you need the help of the experts at Noah's Roofing to prevent catastrophic damage that cannot be reversed.

In El Paso, we usually aren't frightened by seasonal hail storms. We take cover and do our best to protect our vehicles until the storm has passed, and then we move on. Unfortunately, our cars are not the only property that can be severely damaged by hail. Because we don't spend much time looking at our roofs, we often don't see the damage that can accumulate from even just one hailstorm. However, hail damage can result in major problems and should be addressed as soon as possible! The best answer is no.

Did you know that your roof is the single most ignored aspect of your home? Because of this fact, it is also the most expensive thing in your home. More often than not, we forgo that leak in the bathroom or that loose shingle in favor of something much more immediate. Unfortunately, in doing so, you are only allowing a simple fix to become a much bigger, not to mention more expensive, problem. In order to avoid problems with one of the most essential parts of your home, it's important to know how your roof works and all the parts that go along with it.

Owning a commercial space is very similar to owning a home in some key aspects. You need to make sure the pipes work, the space has the appropriate temperature control, and that the entire place doesn't fall down in disrepair. This, of course, includes the roof. The roof is, in many ways, one of the most important part of any space- it keeps the space protected from the elements. It takes a beating every day and night from the moment it goes up, which means it can and will eventually have problems you will need professionals to fix.

Noah's Roofing & Construction eliminates your worry by presenting a lengthy track record of satisfied customers. El Paso, roof repair can bring out "fly-by-night" contractors, especially when severe storms pass through our city. Our reputation, experience, and accreditation can help provide all of our customers with quality and timely service. Your search ends here! As the best commercial and residential roofing company in El Paso, TX, we want you to get the best value for your money. Here at Noah's Roofing & Construction, experience is the foundation of our business.

Your roof serves as protection for you, your family, and your business. When it doesn't perform to your expectations, it can be a big nuisance and an potentially also a hazard. El Paso weather can bring unpredictable elements to the borderland. Many homes were originally built to handle and withstand certain weather patterns, but no roof is invincible, and it's important to stay on top of small repairs in order to avoid massive future problems. Rainfall, wind, and hail can cause extreme damage, especially if not repaired as soon as possible.

It is not however, infinite. Just because your roof is high-quality and has lasted many years doesn't mean it's indestructible or that it doesn't eventually need to be replaced. Asphalt shingle roofs are meant to last between about 20 and 30 years. Generally, you'll begin to see some signs of deterioration before you need to replace your roof, but in general there are some basic ways to know that your roof needs to be replaced. Flat roofs are popular in the El Paso area, especially for businesses and other commercial buildings.