Prestige Roofing is the best roofing company in North Las Vegas. We pride ourselves in specializing in custom roofing and luxury designs, with no job too big or too small for our services. Whether your roof materials are copper, tile, shingle, or anything else, our dedicated roofers are experts who can handle the job. No other roofers in Las Vegas provide such high quality work at such agreeable prices. Prestige Roofing is licensed and operates in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas.

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  Phone Number (702) 646-7536

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The same day the last shingle was placed, we had 60+ mph winds in the neighborhood. We were the only ones not missing any roof. Recommend.

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Several years ago I had a roof leak and, year after year, I'd hire a roofing company and I'd think it was fixed. That is of course until the warranty expired and we had torrential rains. It leaked again, and again. This went on time after time for almost as long as I've owned the house. I felt like I could have bought a new house for what it was costing me. It was expensive and discouraging, as well as damaging, so I knew I couldn't afford to continue on the same path. I found Prestige Roofing's ad. I really had no real hope that you were going to be any different, but I couldn't let it go on, so I gave you a call.

Am I glad I did! You sent out Benjamin Martinez. He was great! The job got done on time and efficiently and your staff was knowledgeable and friendly. And, because you knew my story, your company offered me a five year warranty, which you usually don't do, just to assure me this was going to work and that you'd stand by it. And it did work! We've had many rains since then and no leaks!!!


Prestige Roofing in North Las Vegas - Copper Roofing Experts

Enjoy the classic beauty of copper roofing with our video portfolio of some of Prestige Roofing's copper roofing and fixtures in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada

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CELEBRATING TWENTY YEARS ! Prestige Roofing celebrated its twenty year anniversary this month. From simple beginnings in a home office to having added beauty and function to homes, institutions and businesses through quality roofing all across Las Vegas
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Baby Pics of some projects we are working on right now.
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Ever wonder what makes ceramic tile a great roofing choice? From the Natural aesthetics to the practical energy efficiency; here are a few unexpected reasons why you need tile roofing.
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Check out our current projects, Prestige Roofing at work here!
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From Our Website

Prestige Roofing is Las Vegas' best roofing company, since 1995. With successful projects across the Las Vegas metropolitan area and with every type of roofing material imaginable, it's no wonder we're among the highest rated roofing businesses in Nevada. Officially licensed and with a sterling record, we at Prestige Roofing specialize not just in keeping the roof over your head strong and sturdy, but also in providing roof fixtures, custom roofing projects, and working with exotic materials such as copper and metal roofing.

Prestige Roofing co-owners, Tom and Jack, have worked together in the Las Vegas luxury roofing business since 1987. In December of 1995 they started Prestige Roofing, starting out roofers in Las Vegas, a small two-man operation. They dedicated themselves to excellence and customer service. As a result, Prestige Roofing has grown into a reliable, reputable and trusted roofing company in North Las Vegas and the surrounding metropolitan area. Prestige Roofing's work ranges from service and repair work, re-roofing and new construction work, commercial and residential work.

As commercial roofers in Las Vegas Valley since 1996, Prestige Roofing has serviced businesses, builders and contractors for commercial roofing projects across the valley. We have the knowledge and experience to bring your project in to spec on time and on budget. We are proud to share our list of local clients and present some of our projects in our gallery. Prestige offers roofing solutions in a wide variety of materials, from flat roofing solutions for commercial and industrial buildings, to tile, metal and acid-washed copper.

The roof on your home protects the inside of the house and your valuable personal possessions. Failure to keep an eye on the condition of your roof and schedule proper roof maintenance can be a very expensive mistake. Most of your roof may be out of sight but never let it be out of your mind. Unless you enjoy wasting your hard earned money, failing to perform proper roof repair prevention will be something you may regret for a long time. The cost benefits of performing regular roofing maintenance in Las Vegas inspections far outweigh the cost of professional roof repair prevention.

Prestige Roofing offers the best in residential and commercial roofing services to our clients in Las Vegas and throughout Southern Nevada. We pride ourselves on providing a full range of services, from diagnostic and repair of minor roof leaks to commercial installations and hand-crafted custom roofing for a unique look. Whether you need original custom builds, roof replacement, gutter installation or even unique fixture creation, we can provide it. We are proud of our service to our many clients in Las Vegas Valley, some of whose projects you can see in our photo gallery.

Prestige is a full service roofing contractor in Las Vegas, providing a wide range of services to our residential and commercial clients. Whether your roof is old or new, built with traditional asphalt shingles, the Southwest's popular and colorful concrete tiles, or beautiful copper or other metal, we at Prestige Roofing are here to make sure your roof serves your home or business well, keeping it cozy, dry and safe from damage due to leaks, mold or other problems, and maintaining the look of your home or business building.

Flat roofing solutions are used where the roof is fully horizontal or has a slight slope or a low pitch roof. We only use PVC (polyvinyl chloride), TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) or KEE ( ketone ethylene ester) single ply roofing membranes. These materials are more energy efficient and are known for being extremely durable and putting up with a wide range of temperatures- perfect for the Las Vegas area. This material is very durable, practical for building maintenance and highly weather resistant.

Your home is an important investment and means a lot to you and your family. And the roof over your head really is a big part of making your home safe, secure and comfortable. Whether you need a new roof, reroofing or repairs, Prestige Roofing will provide an affordable, quality roofing solution that will add lasting value and beauty to your home for years to come. Prestige Roofing experts in Las Vegas can help you find the best materials and styles for your project. Making the right choice of materials now can increase the life of your roof, saving you money in the future and reducing discarded materials that end up in landfills.