Simply put, your original roof system can last forever if it is properly maintained. Approximately 50% of flat roofs and 90% of metal roofs can be restored to a water-tight system through the application of advanced coating systems. With advancements in coating technology, Rich Roofing Systems can restore your original metal or flat roof at a fraction of replacement cost and supply you with a long term warranty.

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The added value with our quality coating system is that many years later, the coating we installed is able to be recoated and receive a new warranty because it still has good adhesion and no flaking. This saves you money over a complete re-roof.

As president of Rich Roofing Systems, Inc., Dave oversees the company's operations and works directly with our clients. He believes that our personalized services and attention to detail makes Rich Roofing Systems, Inc. superior among other commercial roofing companies. Building trustworthy relationships with our staff, clients and community is at the forefront of what we do. Dave believes that if we put our clients first and look for ways for help accomplish their goals, then we're doing the job right!

Using a knowledgeable roofing contractor to make repairs with the correct material for your roof is extremely important. Many times we inspect roofs or are called to perform a repair and find that someone has used the wrong materials on previous repairs and has made matters worse. Repair work done by others. Our roof maintenance program begins with a roof evaluation and a determination of your roof's stage of opportunity. There are three stages of opportunity: repair, restore and replace. Determining the stage of your roof will ensure the most cost-effective route is taken in restoration of your roof.

Rich Roofing Systems, Inc. has built a successful history of installing high quality roofing systems with unmatched attention to detail for customers who demand the best the industry has to offer. Rich Roofing Systems, Inc. is an authorized applicator for several major roofing manufacturers. Our roofing experts will make sure you get the best roof system for your building and your budget. We only install top quality roofing materials and we are able to offer manufacturer roofing warranties from 5 to 30 years depending on the system.

Rich Roofing Systems, Inc.'s Detailed Safety Plan is our first and primary call to action. Our loved ones are of the greatest importance to us. The integrity of our company is such that we believe that safety is the top concern for our employees' and clients. Should your organization require site-specific regulations our Experts are qualified to submit a plan.

It has always been our focus to create partnerships with our clients and assist in managing their roof assets. We work with building owners and managers to maximize the life of their current roof system and give recommendation on when it's time to replace their roof(s). Rich Roofing Systems, Inc. has been a leader in the roofing industry since 1977 providing the highest quality services for our clients. Our clients enjoy our honest approach when inspecting their roofs. Our goal is to exceed our client's expectations and give them the confidence that they received the best value for their money spent.

The number one cause of premature roof failure is the lack of regular roof maintenance. Roofing industry experts say that a building owner who budgets only 5 cents per square foot per year can avoid losing three times that much per square foot each year. Add it up for a typical building owner or manager and that's easily tens of thousands of dollars each year in cost savings. Regular roof inspections = saving money! Roofs are commonly ignored until roof leaks occur. Unfortunately by that time your roof can have suffered damage which will continue to worsen if roof repairs are not immediately performed.