In 1990 Terry Rooney had a small business called Rooney Renovations. As the company expanded and the need for resources grew as well, Terry, with the help of Bruno Maini, opened Smart Care Gutters in 2003. Gutter installation was the primary focus of this company, but as the demand for roofing became larger for Rooney Renovations, the merge of Smart Care Gutter and Rooney Renovations was the next step.

A good roof fills a homeowner with an enormous sense of security. It's a little like having new tires on your car. Wind, rain, ice, and snow become a lot less fearsome. Contracting for a new roof, however, is a lot more complicated than buying a new set of tires. That's where Smart Care Exteriors, LLC excels as a leading roofing company in CT.

As one of the certified GAF roofing contractors in CT, we have the expertise to help you choose the right roofing material and the appropriate style and color for your home. We can even offer lifetime warranty shingles. Our crews have the experience and equipment to safely install roofs at all slopes and heights, both residential and commercial.

If old layers of roofing need to be replaced, the debris disposal will be managed in a careful, efficient and environmentally sound way. You won't have to worry about damage to foundation plantings from falling debris or picking old roofing nails from your lawn!

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  City Monroe, CT
  Zip Code 06468
  Address 70 Knapp St
  Phone Number (203) 445-1133

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Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection

The roof over your head is easy to take for granted until something unexpected happens. Sometimes, a roof problem occurs simply because of wear or maintenance issues. But in other cases, a perfectly good roof succumbs to damage from elements we can't control, such as wind, storms, hail, tornados, and falling trees or branches.

Customer Testimonials

First and foremost, Smart Care Exteriors far exceeded the work I needed to replace my roof. The owner was professional and worked with me culminating my needs, price, type of roof, along with choosing color to define my roof. I interviewed over 4 roofing companies and found Smart Care Exteriors to be most experienced in their field and far exceed the others. Terry (owner) took the time making suggestions and giving me options. Not only did the owner replace my roof, but he had to realign a portion of my roof with new plywood and beams. I highly recommend his team and Terry's expertise to meet anybody's needs.

Will certainly call your company again.

Everyone was great; clean up was done as explained daily; crew very friendly....great team.

Everyone was great; clean up was done as explained daily; crew very friendly....great team.