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Rubber Roofing

Rubber Roofing

Torch down roofing or modified bitumen is widely used for roofing on flat roofs. Its name is derived from the method of torching the bitumen sheets onto a fiberglass base sheet in the roofing overlap areas during torch down roofing installation. The material used in the roofing torch down process is also sometimes known as rubberized asphalt. Melting of the bitumen by torching creates highly resistant and durable roofing. Because of this, torch-down roofs are long-lasting, with an average life span of up to 20 years.

One of the big advantages of torchdown roofing is its ability to protect the roofing from rainwater. This means it is particularly beneficial for flat roofing, where rainwater could otherwise collect on the surface and cause damage. Although it is slightly more expensive, the roofing torch down method is generally regarded as preferable to the alternative method of roofing used for flat roofs involving the use of tar and gravel.

There are no noxious fumes associated with torch down roofing installation, and torch-down roofs are regarded as more durable and resistant. The high quality resins that are combined with the modified bitumen in torch down roofing installation also help to provide protection from UV rays that could otherwise prove damaging. Torch down roofing usually requires few repairs during its lifetime.

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Mr Taylor did my roof in 2016. He did a great job along with his crew! I would highly recommend Taylor Constuction and General Contracting LLC for your next roofing project!

Taylor construction installed a roof on my house and did a wonderful job. His crew was well experienced and organized. I would highly recommend Taylor construction of Rome New York for your next roofing project.

Taylor's construction is a very good company on doing Roofing and remodeling he primarily does Roofing him as well as his employees are very nice to the customers they do good quality work on redoing a roof put on a new roof and they do not do no shortcuts on the things they do they pick good quality materials to go and do the roofs if you have a question about the roof or something that they have done they are more than happy to answer any and all questions it's the best roofing company in central New York at my personal opinion we turn around and I've seen other contractors do very piss-poor work because they have no idea what they're doing or they don't care because all they care about is getting the money and doing City work and get another and probably never go back and willing to fix anything that they want to do Taylor Construction on the other hand will turn around and fix any and all issues that comes about they've done thousands of roofs and has to go back and fix very few as a thousand they might have done 10 roofs on fixing if that

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A cold process roof is a self adhering roofing system. This process is comprised of a nailable base or self adhering ply base with a top surface designed to accept a self adhering roofing membrane, a self adhering mid ply and a self adhering cap sheet. A self adhering roofing system will provide long lasting protection on the low slope areas of your roof. Self adhering roofing systems offer several advantages for contractors: no torches, no hot asphalt, no fumes and no mess- all of which means application is much cleaner.