You may have noticed that many roofs in your neighborhood have ugly black streaks on them. These black streaks are actually an algae that has attached itself to your roof. This is an airborne alga that is spread from house to house through the air or by small animals. It can effect whole neighborhoods and can reduce the life of your roof dramatically, not to mention the reduced curb appeal.

Toledo Roof Cleaning LLC specializes in NON-PRESSURE ROOF CLEANING. Our cleanings techniques and cleaning solutions are completely safe and will in no way harm your roof. We are currently the only certified roof cleaning company in the Toledo area. Beware of so called roof cleaners who want to power wash your roof. Power washing your roof could damage your roof and cause leaks.

Do you currently have your home for sale? One of the first things a potential home buyer sees is the roof. A perfect roof, yet badly stained roof will raise doubts with potential home buyers, real estate agents and home inspectors. Far too many roofs are replaced just because they look bad. Simply put, a stained and darkened roof is assumed to be worn out. Cleaning a homes roof before listing it could save the home owner thousands of dollars and make for a faster sale.

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Black Stains

Black Stains

Those ugly black streaks are caused by a roof eating plant called Gleocapsa Magma Algae. This algae feeds off the limestone filler in your shingles, left untreated this algae will continue to grow and destroy your roof. This type of algae is spread by becoming airborne or by small animals (birds, squirrels) . Previously, Roof replacement was the only option, now Safe & Gentle cleaning can save you time, hassle and the inconvience associated with Re-Roofing, Plus cost much less than a typical re-roof.


Toledo Roof Cleaning improving Curb Appeal, Toledo, Ohio

Toledo Roof Cleaning is a certified Non-Pressure roof cleaner located in Toledo, Ohio. These are before and after pictures of a few of our past jobs. We can be reached at (419)265-3306 for free demonstrations and estimates.