Using the industry's most innovative products including LP Smart Side, fiber cement and cool roof materials, combined with our experienced craftsmanship, our solutions protect homes through the most extreme weather conditions. We do this with unwavering attention to the client experience from the beginning to finish.

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  City Anoka, MN
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At Xtreme Exteriors, our focus is to provide you with affordable, quality home exterior solutions, backed by expert craftsmanship and installation to ensure lasting performance. We not only provide the best quality possible, we share our process so you know why and how your project is being done. Come to know Xtreme Exteriors as your trusted, reliable resource for all your home exterior needs. From repairs and maintenance to large siding and roofing projects, to windows, decks, gutters, and providing "design-green home exteriors, " count on Xtreme Exteriors to provide you with the best home exterior solutions along with our dependability and service.

Like a home, we've built our company from the ground up, with a solid foundation that continues to stand the test of time. We're Jeff and Jeannie Sigler, owners of Xtreme Exteriors. Jeff began this company more than 20 years ago. His experience and knowledge of construction, a passion for home design and environmental building best practices are the backbone of our family-run business. While our product and service offerings continue to grow, our commitment to providing you with top-level professionalism and dependability remains the same.

For added benefit, consider Insulated Vinyl Siding for your home. Insulated vinyl has all the advantages of standard vinyl siding along with sound resistance and qualities that can increase a home's energy efficiency up to 20 percent. Xtreme Exteriors offers Vinyl Siding and coordinating soffit and fascia products from leading manufacturers, including Certainteed, Crane, Norandex, Mastic, and Variform. Each offers multiple product lines available in nearly limitless color and size variations. Xtreme Exteriors offers fiber cement siding products, available in several styles including horizontal planks or vertical panels that are ready to paint after installation, or can be pre-finished featuring ColorPlus Technology.

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material. Xtreme Exteriors can help you select aesthetically pleasing shingle colors of quality asphalt shingle products to coordinate with your home siding and your budget. Xtreme Exteriors provides and installs several product lines from leading manufacturers that meet the industry's most stringent performance criteria. Product selections include premium designer series to meet nearly limitless design specifications. The most commonly used roofing material, asphalt shingles are available in two types: Three Tab Shingles and Architectural.

Xtreme Exteriors offers custom deck solutions using low maintenance composite decking materials. We can build from your architect's blueprints, or work with you to design a deck solution right for you and your home. Comments on the new Trex deck and railing construction project completed by Xtreme Exteriors' craftsmen. An old deck (or a deck not built to code) is an unsafe deck. By having Xtreme Exteriors involved at the budget and planning stage for your deck project, we can identify inherent problems with your current deck and make certain you aren't putting the same problems back in place.

We work with leading manufacturers of gutter systems to ensure you with the best affordable solution for your homes. As an added convenience to homeowners, Xtreme Exteriors offers Gutter Protection Systems that prevent dirty, clogged gutters and insect infestation, protect wood siding, roof edge from rot and minimize landscape erosion. Gutter covers are available in a range of styles including aluminum covers, screens and perforated tubes and mats.

There's much more to roofing than appearance. At Xtreme Exteriors, our approach is to address your homes' roofing as a "system." To ensure the longevity of your roof shingles, proper ventilation and attic insulation must be installed or improved upon. Proper ventilation also ensures your shingle warranty remains valid. Before starting any roofing project, we carefully inspect your current roofing and ventilation system. If needed, we'll make recommendations to the improve efficiency and functioning of your home.